How will I achieve financial freedom?

How do I plan on achieving financial freedom:

I believe that it is my duty and my obligation to achieve financial freedom. I want to create an endless amount of wealth for every person with the last name VanNess. I don’t need to be rich, but it is a hobby and lifestyle I enjoy. The quest towards financial freedom leaves me satisfied and content. Here are my plans and the things I am working on. Let me know what you think.


First, I must make more money to begin with.

I have a sales job that I have been working hard at. I enjoy this job because it has no upward cap and allows me to learn sales and become better at talking to people and selling to people.

I must become a great salesman in order to become “The Ultimate Businessman”.

I also am working on becoming a master at gathering mass amounts of people online. I must achieve this in order to actually be “free” from a financial standpoint. If I can make money online, then I have the ability to move and travel anywhere my computer can go. I’m working on gathering mass amounts of people on social media and then also working to create attention from my blog. Through this when I create quality products to sell, I can then market to the mass amounts of people following my various Instagram pages and websites.

I must make enough money and have the resources to capitalize on the recession we are currently entering in the U.S. I want to be able to buy property soon, because it will only go up in price after the housing market is impacted near 2020. If I can do well in the housing market, this will be a huge step pointing towards financial freedom. I have someone interested in co-signing who has lots of capital. I will need to pay for a lawyer and write a contract to match what he has to put down, and use his good credit to purchase a property. I then must find tenants and ensure my property will cover my payments and essentially make me money on top. I will be able to work out a deal with him, or someone similar to him in order to get my foot in the door of the housing market recession.


I’m also not busy enough so I need a venture that will take up more of my time and produce results. I will be able to call local businesses and build websites for them. I will begin to cold call them as I go back to college.


With my blog I plan to create quality topics to post and track my transformation into “The Ultimate Businessman.” As I begin to achieve things in the business world, I will track my progress and begin to write a book about the transformation. In a couple of years essentially my success will be known. I then will easily be able to sell my book.


For now I must keep myself busy, and 10X every single action. I am learning about sales, online traffic, online business, creating websites, and about life in general. I’m also in college for marketing and accounting, but most of this knowledge is middle class thinking. I may not be rich currently, but I’m rich in thought. Join me in my journey towards financial freedom, I look forward to hearing from everyone reading this.


If all else fails; My uncles owns a big accounting firm in San Diego, Ca and doesn’t have any kids. He may want to eventually pass it on as he is looking to retire. I am the next VanNess, so maybe I’ll end up taking over his accounting firm in San Diego.

Peace and Late!

-Jordan Vanness


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