Marketing On Instagram

If you have people that like you and admire your content, they will buy from you. Duh! You created a warm market through showing value to them on Instagram.

For this blog post there will be two types of readers:

  1. People looking to sell products online with niche pages

  2. People looking to build exposure to themselves

When I refer to the word “Product” if you are promoting your personal page, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. These skills work for promoting personal pages as well as business oriented pages.

Personally, If I was reading this blog: I feel the most valuable key I could give is located in Step 3 titled “Run Program to Target these influencers” this is about the program I run. It is pretty dope! Man I love writing blogs because in my college papers I would get marked down for saying, “Dope!” So blogs are dope. Another big key is located in the last part of the blog titled Weird Instagram Hacks.

If you are new to the instagram marketing game and looking to create a page for your business or yourself, read through the entirety of this blog post.

First things first: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to start an instagram page? What is your goal for the instagram? Make your goals big and remember this.

I began running my pages a couple months back for selected niches.

@RollCoalSquad 16.4K followers

@femaleadmiration 5.4K followers

@collectorsclothing 3.2K followers 1.7K followers

@krazykicksss 1.4K followers

I have not yet started marketing on these pages. I am just building a following so I can later promote products and future endeavours. For example: I have a sales job and I get referral bonuses for bringing employees to come do sales.. Not a pyramid scheme just an incentive for taking the hiring process difficulties away from my boss. I posted a pic with a caption and had well over 50 people interested in this opportunity. Instagram can convert very highly if you have lots of followers.

This process will allow you to gain lots of followers and engagement for you and your business.

Step 1: Understand what your page is

Step 2: Find related content to page

Step 3: Run program to target these influencers

Step 4: Post regularly

After talking about this I will analyze interesting tactics occuring in the instagram marketing world.

Step 1: Understand What Your Page Is

What is your goal? What are you selling and Who is your target audience? If I’m selling graphic tees with funny memes on them, I’m going to post pictures of memes. If I’m selling a standard baseball bat with my logo printed on it, I’m going to target baseball players. I then will post cool baseball videos.

Understand what you’re selling and who is going to like your product. This is the time to get creative, because Instagram is a fun time.

My favorite youtuber @youse says, “It’s all about putting the right product in front of the right people”.

The first step in grasping what your goals and admirations for your page are is understanding what other people are doing. You are not going to copy other pages but simply see what you like and dislike, and make a similar page but better through providing projected content to your audience.

Instagram Research:

Once you have an understanding of what your idea for your page is. It’s time to take a look at other people on Instagram. When looking at other Instagram pages follow these questions in analyzing their page.

What types of content do they post?

What does their bio look like?

What products are they promoting?

What gets lots of engagement and what doesn’t?

When doing instagram research allow these questions to help you develop your ideas and understand what your personal page is going to look like.

Major Key Alert:

If you are working to promote your own personal page, find someone similar to your page. You may be reading this if you aspiring to be a model, public figure, bodybuilder, etc. on Instagram. Notice who the famous people are taking pictures with on Instagram. OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE! My favorite example of this is @Cbum and @courtneykiing. Two athletes sponsored by Gymshark. These two are now together and are one of the biggest couples in the fitness industry… Biggest as in popularity but @Cbum is pretty huge.

The book Smartcuts says, “Which is easier? Making friends with a thousand people one by one or making friends with someone who has 1,000 friends?”

With this quote in mind you can see the reason why I not only run one page, but 5. I now can mix between my pages and when I drop my clothing line or anything I chose to sell, I can post on all of the pages funneling them from one to another. Although if I put more effort into creating an influencer group this would be much more beneficial. People on Instagram don’t understand the vision in creating an influencer group, they say “give me $5 and I’ll shout you out.” This can work in promoting your page effectively just make sure it is a good post to funnel traffic from them to you.

Step 2: Find Related Content To Your Page

Now that you have an understanding of what your page is and have done research on similar pages; pick a couple of pages you want to model after and be similar but different from. Creatively make a new page similar to theirs.

For my @krazykicksss page it is extremely similar to @stadiumgoods. The shoe industry is an extremely competitive niche, and the program has not been able to convert as highly as I would like (Program is talked about in Step 3). A lot of pictures on this page are actually taken from their page.

Through looking at related content this allows you to pick and pull pictures that you like and that you want to feature on your page. When you’re just beginning in a niche industry, you do not have to give credit to the owner, because people will not care. If they do say something, simply take the picture down and don’t take from that source anymore.

If you are marketing yourself, you need to understand what other people are doing and how they became successful. Posting regularly and often is always going to win. Take high quality images of yourself and begin building a following of loyal fans. Along with this you are going to need to understand who your target audience is mainly, and find other people are posting to this target audience also. When you find these people this is who you are going to target when running the program in the next step.

Step 3: Run Program To Target These Influencers

How did I gain thousands of followers so quickly? Instazood is the name of the game!

What instazood will allow you to do is target these specific influencers, locations, or hashtags to promote your page. On average if you have a well run page, you will gain 1,500+ followers a month for just $10. The female admiration page I have; I am not proud of this page because it is sexual and demeaning to girls. My buddy runs the page and I love my girlfriend, so Melia don’t be mad please. Sorry for the random rant, but this page converted at over 40% on some of my targeted influencers. This means for every like, comment, and follow the program did. 40% of them corresponded in a follow back. I got close to 6000 real enganged followers in the first month of running the program. Do not buy fake followers, because you can not sell to them. Fake followers should only be used to simply make your page look like it is popular, but you’re gay (sorry for my lack of being PC, I know it’s 2019 I got to stop saying that) if you have only fake followers. This program allows you to gain engagement and boost the name of your business or yourself.

Here is a good how to video for instazood.

If you look you’ll notice most pages that are “Famous” have used a service like this one time or another. Also you can look at the majority of these “famous” pages and the like to following ratio is messed up! The majority of people who are supposedly famous on IG are not even famous. Their pages are just plagued with fake likes and fake followers. When people see their page they will more willingly follow them because they’re “famous”, so it’s an interesting dynamic. With instazood in mind, people are not going to come to your page unless you reach out to them. So, when you run instazood you’ll be able to see it’ll show something like, “2,000 people visited your page this week.” So, Instazood is a sweet program every business should use.

How does it work?

Instazood will target these selected influencers that you choose. Instazood then will go through and like, follow, and comment on as many people as Instagram will allow you to. Many of the influencer pages you have seen are not actually “famous” but plagued with fake followers, so don’t target these pages.

Find influencers who have at least a 10:1 follow to like ratio. If they have 10,000 followers they should be over 1,000 likes on their photos. This will ensure that their page is real and active. The better the follow to like ratio, the higher the program will convert. Often times the highest converting pages will be people with under 100k followers, so keep this in mind when searching for influencers to target on the program.

Commenting With Instazood:

There is a section where you can change what the bot is commenting on peoples pages. There will be a bunch of weird emoji comments and stuff you humans wouldn’t actually be commenting. Write out what comment you want to be commenting on people’s pages, then delete all the other. If you delete all the comment suggestions they’ll all come back, it’s a weird glitch I need to send to the support staff. Write desired comment, then delete all the other automated ones.

Step 4: Post Regularly

Regularity is one of the most important factors in warming the market between you and your followers. You want to create fans of your page. People who enjoy looking at your content and engaging with it.

There’s not too much to say about posting regularly. Posting once a day is key in promoting growth and loyal followers.

Weird Instagram Hacks:

Instagram influencer groups promote crazy amounts of traffic for people’s instagram pages. The majority of the time, influencer groups are grown only through word of mouth and not online. It is difficult to get into an influencer group, but I’m up for starting one if you guys message me and let me know!

One day I went on instagram and more than just these three ads came up on my page all marketing similar clothing styles.


If you notice they are using the same model and similar clothing but marketed on different pages. They all showed on my page the same day so someone was working hard to sell these clothing products. All of them were using the same target on promotions because they all had been targeted to me. They were trying to show the impression that this was a popular brand, or style of clothing by marketing on different pages. Some of the pages didn’t even have the ability to click on the page, but only to the website. This could be a singular distributor contacting smaller pages to promote their products. This could also be a singular person in contact with the distributor and selling this product across multiple pages and websites. What do you guys think it is?

I do not like this tactic, because there is no value behind the selling. You have to provide some sort of value via free education, high quality images that people like, free stuff, etc. before people will buy from you. Two people who do this well, Ronnie Coleman and Brooke Ence. Brooke Ence is a famous Crossfitter and she built a following through her Crossfit career and Instagram game. She then provided good content on instagram and can funnel all these fans to her store. Ronnie Coleman is one of the worlds greatest bodybuilders who ever lived, and he markets through Instagram. He uses buy one get one half off. He will also do things like buy 50 dollars worth and get this free. Same as Gap does. Man, Gap is always 50% off.. How do they make money? If you have things you can produce for cheap, you will then be able to sell it for cheap. I don’t like the idea of marking things down constantly but through selling both at full price and half off at times you can make good money if you do it right.

Another hack is the idea of these influencer groups. Through making multiple pages or knowing others who have a good following. You can always creatively funnel a mass amount of fans from one page to another if you do it in a creative way. For example, on my female models page all I have to do is post a picture of a model in front of a truck, then tag my truck page. If any of my followers are remotely interested in trucks, they will funnel to my page. Openly shouting out pages does not work very well these days, so get creative.

Instagram Marketing is a difficult concept to break down into one blog post. I hope this gives you a few gems and words of advice for you to market yourself or products on Instagram. Remember to stay creative and there is no set in stone way of marketing.

If you like this content, your follow and like means a lot. I’ll be here to share with you every Monday, Wednesday, Friday so stay up to date! The Ultimate Businessman is my quest towards Financial Freedom so see what I’m researching and doing in this quest.

Peace and Late!

-Jordan Vanness

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