What is The Ultimate Businessman?

I constantly have people tell me, “I want to be rich!” I then follow-up and ask them how they plan on achieving it and they say, “I don’t know, but I want to be rich”. Well let me tell you guys… I want to be rich!

The Ultimate Businessman is my “diary” blog of what I research and how I plan on becoming one of the top businessman who has ever lived. Bold statement to say, but why the hell would I want to be anything less!

What you will find here is a series of actionable steps and informational blogs of things that I am currently working on in my path to financial freedom. I spend time reading books and researching various topics, so this blog flows into this hobby (or lifestyle) of self-development towards my goals.

Start With Why:

My mentor and sales coach referenced the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. I was planning to read the book until he said, “The Start With Why Ted Talk video had everything the book had”. Watch this video and you will understand the importance of starting with why in every action and situation. Another book that goes into this concept of “Why” in great depth is the book Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink and Leif Babin.

In this blog; prior to writing information packed blog posts, I will always start with Why. Also you have to renunciate the “H” sound in “Why” otherwise it’s not fun to say.

Why start a blog?

Well I guess I’m just like all the other teenage girls from highschool blogging about the crappy smoothies they make.

The reasons Why I created this blog:

  • I can organize my thoughts here.
  • I want to meet people who share a common mindset that I can surround myself with via this blog.
  • I can promote every branch in my business life via this blog with information.
  • I can help others by providing free information and actionable steps into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • This blog can serve as a home base for every venture I am currently working on.

Who am I?

As I write this I think back to watching Gossip Girl and first learning about what a Blog was… No I am not gay its a good show okay!

My name is Jordan Vanness. I am 20 years old and in college and well… I am not satisfied with the way my future is heading, so I realized it is time I make a change.

My financial journey started the summer out of highschool when I had that “Oh Shit!” moment. This is when I realized I had no idea what I actually wanted to do. I figured engineers get paid well so for the first year of college this is what I did. I only failed calculus.. Smh.. I enjoyed it a lot but if I wasn’t studying 10 hours a day for this average paying degree, then I would fail all my classes. I made the tough decision of switching to a major that wouldn’t provide me with as good of income but knew it would be quite a bit easier. I am now studying accounting and marketing. Now only putting in 5% of the work I was the previous year into my classes; I now can begin to transform myself into THE ULTIMATE BUSINESSMAN! The pieces started to fall into place and I then started to understand some thing about myself and life in general. The biggest one being… I can not be average. I never realized that average people are what surround you everywhere in college. Though they all will have degrees which is pretty necessary in todays age.. They’ll be working their 9-5 jobs the rest of their life and NOPE that’s NOT FOR ME! I could go on and on due to the fact that as I begin to realize more, I realize society has many strange social dynamics that we never question simply because it’s comfortable to us. 

I am beginning the journey of breaking out of middle class and this is my home base for doing so. So join me in my journey as I begin to develop my skills and shape myself into The Ultimate Businessman, because I believe all of you can too.

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